this is kind of the crux of what i want for me, and what i want to help you find for yourself.  that peace of mind that comes from knowing that what you have is just the right amount.
  - the right amount of stuff. 
  - the right amount of organization.
  - and the perfect amount                             of happiness.

words to live by

is a place between

too little
 too much


finnish proverb


one of my most favorite quotes is from hunter s. thompson and it goes like this: 


who is this woman?

life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!

i don't know how far from the grave i am, but i'm well on my may to shreiking, wow! what a ride! 

here's my quick biography:  i was born in seattle, and have lived in washington, ohio, north carolina, utah, and massachusetts - all before my 15th birthday!  i survived college, majoring in mechanical engineering.  this is funny because i am the least mechanically-inclined person i know!

i worked for 25 years as an engineer, and thought i'd die at my drafting table, when boeing divorced wichita and i found myself in accounting school - at age 50!! - redefining who i am.  i passed the cpa exam and spent the next 3 years at 4 diferent jobs trying to fit into a cpa mold - by the way, the irs has NO sense of humor.

finally decided the only way was to create my own unique accounting firm - and it was great.  i was the accounting square peg and i loved it.  and then i didn't.  the business was running me, i wasn't running it.  so i retired.  

but i found that work was too much but retirement was too little.  so here i am, starting another business.  taking everything i've learned in my - ahem - years of living and putting it to your use.  i'm scientific.  i'm disciplined.  i'm flexible.  and i'm FUN.

so won't you join me as we skid in sideways shrieking 


 Wow! What a Ride!

i've spent my -ahem- years on earth bouncing between too much (25 years as an engineer - I can't even use a drill!!) and too little (working in a cpa firm - the IRS needs a sense of humor!!).  then back to too much (running an accounting business that actually ran me) and again to too little (retirement is BORING).

i've landed in my happy space; bringing my scientific, flexible, and FUN self to your service!  won't you join me as we skid in sideways, shrieking 

 jump in the car!

no raindrops, roses, or kitten whiskers can be found here, but i have curated a lovely collection of boxes, bins, and baubles.  yeah, not sure what baubles are, but i hated to mess up a good alliteration.....

for display

for the office

for the closet

for the bathroom

for the pantry

for the kitchen

favorite things