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hans hofmann

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what on earth does simplify my life even mean??

well, it depends (my favorite answer) - maybe it means less clutter in your home.  maybe it means less clutter in your mind.  maybe it means less tasks on your schedule.  or maybe it means knowing what's for dinner before dinnertime.

that's why i love the quote above; whatever is unnecessary - to a life of ease and peace and joy - should be removed.  

at this point, you're probably wondering why there's a photo of three planners on a page about simplifying.  well that's a very good question. my biggest source of 'clutter' right now is in my mind.  i have so many conflicting priorities that all that happens is they scream at each other in my head and i go take a nap to get away from them.  one planner - FOR ME - is too complex; i can't keep track of the conflicting priorities, and manage a to-do list, and make progress towards goals in one planner.  it only contributes to my brain clutter.  so simplifying my life, in regards to keeping track of all the crap, is to add planners.  

i've written several blog posts on different aspects of simplifying your (or my) life.   waltz on over to the blog page and search for xlxoxlxsio to see a list of the simplification posts. 

if you have a way you've simplified your life that you'd like to share, or if you have an area you'd like me to cover, tap dance over to the contact page and send me an email.  i'd love to hear from you!

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